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About Waltham, MA

Waltham MA Apartments

Known as the “Watch City” because it was once home to the Waltham Watch Company watch making factory, Waltham MA is among the most popular cities in Massachusetts. Being a big part of American history, Waltham was, and continues to be, one of the most highly sought-after places to live in the Greater Boston area.

If you are looking for Waltham MA apartments, it’s important to get to know the area and what it has to offer. This article highlights the demographic analysis, market analysis, transportation, places to see, bars and restaurants in Waltham.

Waltham MA History

The first settlers came to the area in 1634. It was originally part of Watertown until 1738, when it was officially incorporated as Waltham. The city played an important role in the industrial revolution, where the Boston Manufacturing Company built the world’s first water-powered, integrated factory for spinning and weaving textiles. This factory was the largest in America at the time, employing 300 workers.

Waltham was also home to America’s first production motorcycle, produced by the Metz Company. In another industrial milestone, Percy Spencer of the Raytheon Company invented a method to mass-produce the magnetron tube, a key component in radar systems.

Waltham’s government consists of a mayor and 15-member city council. Each city council member is elected for a term of two years. The city is in the 5th congressional district of Massachusetts.

Demographic Analysis

According to the July 2018 U.S. Census Bureau report, the population of Waltham MA stood at 62,962. The median age of the population is 34.2 as per the Census Reporter findings from the same year. The Per Capita Income of the households in Waltham is $39,299 based on the most recent data available. Census Reporter lists the median household income as $83,249.

Market Analysis of Waltham MA Real Estate

The Census Reporter also highlights the number of housing units in the area, which stands at 25,518 units. Of that number, 93% of houses are occupied, with 52% of those being occupied by the owner.

Going further, the median home value in Waltham is $463,600. Industry forecasts project a 9% increase in values for homes in the area. As for the apartments, availability is just below 3% and average rents have increased 5.04% on average since this time in 2018. Average rent prices in Waltham at the time of this writing are as follows.

  • Studio: $1,106
  • 1 Bedroom: $1,710
  • 2 Bedroom: $1,987
  • 3 Bedroom: $2,538
  • 4 Bedroom: $2,954
  • 5 Bedroom: $3,450

Transportation in Waltham MA

The average transportation time from Waltham to people’s places of work is 25.2 minutes. In terms of transportation data from the various sources that track this data, 70% of the people reported that they drove to work, 8% carpooled, 7% used public transportation, 8% walked, 1% biked to work, 5% worked from home, and the remaining 1% used other means of transportation to get to work.

There are MBTA bus stops throughout Waltham MA. The Brandeis/Roberts Station at 1 Sawyer Road serves the MBTA Fitchburg Commuter Rail Line.

Waltham MA Schools & Colleges

The public school system in Waltham is comprised of 7 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, and one high school. These include:

Elementary Schools

  • Northeast
  • Fitzgerald
  • MacArthur
  • Plympton
  • Whittemore
  • Stanley
  • Waltham Dual Language Elementary School

Middle Schools

  • McDevitt
  • Kennedy

High School

  • Waltham High School

There are also six private schools in Waltham.

  • Chapel Hill – Chauncy Hall School (Grade 9 – post-grad) – Boarding and day school focused on college preparation.
  • Gann Academy (Grade 9-12) – Pluralistic Jewish high school focusing on academics and faith-based education
  • Our Lady’s Academy (Pre-K – 8) – Catholic liberal arts school with small class sizes and challenging course work to help students grow
  • St. Jude’s School (Pre-K – 8) – Catholic school with a comprehensive curriculum that has its foundations in faith-based values
  • Carroll School (Grade 1 – 9) – Specialized school for students with learning difficulties in the areas of reading and writing
  • Milestones Day School (K-12) – Specialized school with a multidisciplinary approach for students with unique educational needs, such as autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, dyslexia, mood disorders, and other clinical learning challenges

Waltham is home to Bently University, a private university nationally recognized as a top-ranking business undergraduate school, and Brandeis University, a prestigious private research university with over 43 majors and many famous graduates.

Places to See in Waltham MA

Prospect Hill Park

Prospect Hill Park is located at 314 Totten Pond Road. This natural, wooded area encompasses over 250 acres. The two highest points in the park are called Big Prospect, which is 485 feet high, and Little Prospect, which is 435 feet high. There are marked trails and picnic sites throughout the park.

Rose Art Museum

Rose Art Museum is located at 415 South Street. It is part of Brandeis University, and was established in 1961 to display artworks from the university’s collection. There are between nine and twelve exhibitions each year.

Gore Place

Gore Place is located at 52 Gore Street. This is a 45-acre estate with a large Federal Style mansion that was built in 1806 for Christopher Gore, who became Governor of Massachusetts in 1809. The estate is open to the public, and tours of the mansion are available. The grounds and buildings are also available to rent for special occasions.

Reagle Music Theater of Greater Boston

Reagle Music Theater of Greater Boston is located at 617 Lexington Street. The theater group produces regional performances of popular Broadway musicals. They also offer educational programs for young people.

Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation

Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation is located at 154 Moody Street. The building housing this museum was itself once an icon of the American Industrial Revolution – the Francis Cabot Lowell Mill. It is dedicated to displaying the innovations and inventions involved in the development of American industry. Educational programs are offered, and they also host a jazz concert series.

The Telephone Museum

The Telephone Museum is located at 289 Moody Street. The whole range of telecommunications from the earliest technology of the 19th century through the modern day is on display here. There are tours and workshops explaining the artifacts on display and how they work. This is a remarkable opportunity to examine the inventions and understand the path that lead to the cell phone culture of today.

Stonehurst, the Robert Treat Paine Estate

Stonehurst, the Robert Treat Paine Estate is located at 100 Robert Treat Paine Drive. The city of Waltham MA maintains it as a public park. Henry Hobson Richardson designed the mansion and Frederick Law Olmstead designed the landscaping. It is the only joint venture of these two famous architects to be open to the public. The amazing interior is maintained as a museum and guided tours are available. The park-like grounds cover 109 acres.

Bars and Restaurants in Waltham MA

The Gaff

The Gaff is located in 467 Moody Street. It has a cozy and laid-back ambience. Every night you are bound to enjoy the live music that is playing. If you are feeling adventurous, you can even take part in the bar’s pen-mic nights.

Their food menu is very diverse and is designed to cater to virtually everyone who makes their way through the doors. For an appetizer with a real kick, try their Blistering Shishito Pepper Fritters. A selection of various Moody Street Tacos is on offer, and their house specialty Gaff Burger is not something you should miss. They have a good selection of beers on tap and their staff is top notch.

Jocos Bar & Kitchen

If you are looking for good American fare paired with a very tasty brew, make your way to 450 Moody Street and visit Jocos Bar & Kitchen. This bar is close to many Waltham MA apartments. Their service is highly rated, garnering praise from patrons past and present. The drink selection is what you would expect at a metropolitan bar. What is unexpected is the extensive selection of food on their menu.

Shoppers Café

The consensus about this 731 Moody Street bar is that it is among the best in the Waltham MA area. This bar is close to quite a number of Waltham MA apartments and is worth considering if you like trivia, karaoke, and music to go with your drinks.

Most of the people who have frequented this place have attested to its lively and fin atmosphere. For an interesting appetizer, try their Bacon Brussels Sprouts. They also have twelve house specialty burger variations waiting for you to try.

Mad Raven

841 Main Street is the home to Mad Raven. This highly rated Irish pub is another popular joint where you can enjoy patio seating and very sumptuous food. To top it all off, you have access to a wide range of draft beers. Their Irish theme and overall lively ambience makes this place a hit. In addition, it helps that there are quite a number of Waltham MA apartments in the area.

From the drinks and food to the service, everything is top notch and you can rest assured that you will get your money’s worth.


Tempo on 474 Moody Street is a bar that has a casual ambience and very interesting takes on American fare. Their happy hour is legendary and you have to experience it to believe it.

It is near quite a number of Waltham MA apartments, so accessibility is not an issue. They have an excellent selection of microbrews in addition to their selection of craft beers on tap. Try their Shoestring Truffle Fries or the Portuguese Fisherman’s Stew. This is a place with sophisticated cuisine.

Service-wise, they are good and prompt. Their staff is attentive and polite. It is bound to make your experience there an unforgettable one.

Brewer’s Tap & Table

256 Moody Street is home to Brewer’s Tap & Table. It is known for their farm-to-table dishes in addition to a very long and well-curated draft beer list. It has a very lively ambience, attracting a diverse crowd from both within and outside of Waltham MA.

This place is close to quite a number of Waltham MA apartments. It’s worth considering a visit if you are looking to get out of your apartment and grab a few drinks with some friends.

Franco’s Pizzeria and Pub

Franco’s Pizzeria and Pub, located on 718 Moody Street, gets high ratings for its pizza and beer combos. They know how to choose just the right beer to go with whatever pizza you order. If you are not a pizza fan, they have subs – and beer to go with them!

It is a very lively place where you can play pool or just watch your favorite teams play on huge TV screens. If you are more of an entertainer, you can take part in their karaoke nights. Their live music is really good and bound to entertain you as you sip on your favorite local beer.

City Streets

411 Waverley Oaks Road is home to City Streets. Their menu features predominantly American fare, with their burgers being the most-ordered dish on their menu. They have a long list of local draft beers. You are bound to find a brew that will tickle your fancy here. City Streets has a casual vibe and it attracts quite a huge crowd. On any given night, it gets rather packed.

Paisanos Restaurant

Paisanos Restaurant, located on 223 High Street, is the place to be if you are connoisseur of good margaritas. In fact, most of the patrons have attested that the mixologists there are super talented and will whip up virtually any cocktail you want.They also have very good Mexican and Guatemalan cuisine. Paisanos Restaurant also has a renowned mariachi band that will entertain you as you enjoy their fine cuisine. It close to quite a few Waltham MA apartments, and one of the most ideal places to visit if you are in the mood for some Mexican food.

Red Bird

Another restaurant on Moody Street, 361 Moody Street to be precise, is the highly regarded Red Bird. This popular local restaurant, known for their classic American food, also makes great cocktails.

There are a number of Waltham MA apartments near this intimate restaurant. Their burgers are expertly prepared and made to order, making them the most popular items on the menu. If you are not in the mood to cook and just want to get a good burger and a drink, this is the place to go. You owe it to yourself to try one of their burgers as well as sample some of their more sophisticated cuisine.

In terms of service, their world class staff strives to make sure your experience here is more than a pleasant one. On any given night, you will find a packed house, so it’s a good idea to make a reservation if you are interested in getting a table promptly.

John Brewer’s Tavern

John Brewer’s Tavern on 39 Main Street is a pub worth visiting. This elegant place features an old school colonial design. if you feel parched and would like something strong to quench your thirst, this is the place for you.

It is a very lively spot that offers loads of different draft beer selections. You can find virtually any type of beer you might be looking for. Aside from their diverse drink selection, they have a decent variety of American comfort food on the menu. John Brewer’s Tavern is near many Waltham MA apartments.

Copper House Tavern

This pub is very popular among the Waltham MA locals for quite a number of reasons. Copper House Tavern, located at 380 Winter Street boasts a rotating selection of over 40 beers. If you are in the mood for a new tap brew, make your way to this Waltham MA bar and check it out. If you are looking for a satisfying dose of comfort food, you can order it in this tavern – they have what you need.

Gustazo Cuban Restaurant and Café

Are you looking for superb Cuban food? Make your way to 663 Main Street to the Gustazo Cuban and Café. It is known for its Old Havana feel, in addition to its very exquisitely prepared Cuban dishes. There are both traditional and contemporary dishes with a modern spin. Gustazo’s is very spacious and they have great service that will keep you coming back.

Taqueria El Amigo

Taqueria El Amigo is among the best Mexican restaurants in Waltham MA. Located at 196 Willow Street, this place has a very intimate and lively ambience. Their specialties include fajitas, tortillas and empanadas, just to mention a few. Taqueria El Amigo is conveniently located near a number of Waltham MA apartments.

IL Capriccio

On 888 Main Street, you will find one of the most elegant Italian restaurants in Massachusetts. You might assume that this is a bold claim, but when you make your way to this restaurant, you will see why. Il Capriccio is a posh and sophisticated place, ideal for those fancy dinners you crave with the right company.

They are primarily known for their North Italian dishes that are simply mouthwatering. Items on their legendary and well-curated wine list are designed to pair perfectly with any of the dishes you choose.

In a Pickle Restaurant

265 Moody Street in Waltham MA is home to the In a Pickle Restaurant, a breakfast and lunch eatery open from 7 am to 3 pm every day except Tuesday. They specialize in awesome breakfast food and consistently get rave reviews. In a Pickle also serves excellent salads, subs, wraps, and paninis. It is a modern space with tables, booths, and diner-style counter seating. Whether you’re looking for a wholesome, satisfying breakfast or a decadent morning feast, this is the place to be.

Umi Fine Japanese & Asian Cuisine

Umi Fine Japanese and Asian Cuisine on 475 Winter Street is the perfect destination if you are in the mood for quality Asian fare. Located near quite a sizeable number of apartment complexes in the area, this place is easily accessible to many renters.

It has a relaxed ambience and offers contemporary seating for enhanced patron comfort. Umi Fine Japanese & Asian Cuisine has very good service for its patrons and tasty food to enjoy. You will get your money’s worth here.

Masao’s Kitchen

581 Moody St houses one of the most talked-about vegan restaurants in Massachusetts. Masao prepares simple vegan and macrobiotic dishes. Their wholesome but small menu includes tofu, tempeh, and vegetable entrees, as well as soup and a la carte selections.

Amuleto Mexican Table

Amuleto Mexican Table on 484 Moody Street is another popular Mexican restaurant in Waltham. In addition to a savory taco platter and chicken dishes, they also offer take out and online ordering. They also have a wide variety of tequila mezcal. Their mixologists are renowned for their exquisite creations. Amuleto Mexican Table is a must-try if you live in Waltham apartments.

Charcoal Guido’s

482 Moody Street is home to Charcoal Guido’s, a very highly rated Italian restaurant. This establishment is known for offering its patrons very good pizzas and other Italian fare. It has a modern vibe and a well stocked bar. They serve house-made pastas, handmade pizzas, charcuterie boards, small plates and other trendy selections.

Waltham MA is a Great Place to Live

This city has a lot to offer a prospective tenant. From a near inexhaustible supply of restaurants to satisfy even the most eclectic tastes, to culture, entertainment, history, and shopping, residents of Waltham MA apartments have access to a wide variety of activities. Education is a large part of the community, with two well-regarded universities and excellent public and private schools for students of all ages and abilities. Residents have access to the MBTA Commuter Rail and Bus transportation, as well as I-93 and I-90. There are also numerous businesses in the area. All of these elements come together to make Waltham MA a great place to live.

Waltham Real-Time Average Rent Prices

  • Studio$1,525
  • 1 Bedroom$1,601
  • 2 Bedroom$2,097
  • 3 Bedroom$2,210
  • 4 Bedroom$3,000
  • 5 Bedroom$2,850
Waltham Real-Time Vacancy Rate


Waltham Real-Time Availability Rate


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