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View apartments near Symphony station and Northeastern University from the area’s largest real-time rental database. Use our search tool to refine your results and find the perfect place to live. When you find an apartment you like, contacting one of our helpful agents is only a click away. In addition to property details, each listing provides the agent information and a contact form. Boston Pads makes it easy for you to find your next Symphony apartment!

About Bosotn’s Symphony/Northeastern Neighborhood

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Boston Symphony Apartments near Northeastern University

The Northeastern/Symphony area is located at the intersection of the Back Bay and Fenway neighborhoods within the cosmopolitan city of Boston. The area is colloquially named after Boston Symphony Hall and Northeastern University, both of which are located within a couple of blocks of each other. Boston Symphony Hall is one of the world’s top concert halls and is home to the award winning Boston Symphony Orchestra. Residents of Boston Symphony apartments near Northeastern University are conveniently located close to Symphony Hall, and can easily enjoy the different shows it has to offer. Students, faculty, or staff at Northeastern University or other, nearby universities such as the New England Conservatory or Berklee School of Music, occupy many apartments near Northeastern University.

Symphony Hall

Symphony Hall opened its doors in the year 1900, and has since become one of the best concert halls worldwide. It was built when the Boston Symphony Orchestra needed to relocate from the Old Boston Music Hall. Developers looking to increase rapid transit and accessibility of roads within the city were considering replacing the old hall with another structure. Major Henry Lee Higginson led the movement and project to finance and build a new home for the orchestra.

Now, Symphony Hall still hosts concerts within its walls but events held here also include speaker series and varied other performances. People from all over the world continue to travel to Boston to see a performance in this famous venue. On the Boston Symphony Orchestra’s website you can find suggestions for how to plan your visit, nearby places to eat, information about nearby lodging, and much more!

Boston Symphony Orchestra’s Ties to the Community

The Boston Symphony Orchestra or BSO for short, recognizes its place as one of the country’s forefront arts organizations, and works hard to tighten its ties to the local community. They host free Community Chamber concerts in multiple venues in the hopes of increasing engagement from community members. In efforts to make themselves available to all members of the community, they also offer $10 adult tickets and $5 adult tickets for EBT card holders.
The BSO has also partnered with nearby Northeastern University to host Community Chamber Concerts at Northeastern University – just a few blocks down from Symphony Hall. Students and faculty from Northeastern take a lot of initiative in leading these events and bringing in audience members.

Northeastern University

Northeastern University is a private university with a nationally recognized co-op program and international reach. It is one of the largest universities in the city and makes up a significant part of the neighborhood. There are multiple different colleges within the university that offer courses of study in many areas, including engineering, nursing, communications, and many more. Northeastern University is not lacking in creative talents, however, and has a symphony orchestra of its own composed of not just students but also staff and faculty.

Many people participating in Northeastern University’s Symphony Orchestra (NUSO) live in Boston Symphony apartments near Northeastern University to be able to keep up with this rewarding, but demanding extracurricular activity. The NUSO plays symphonies as well as contemporary music, movie scores, and other types of music. They play music for all different tastes, so no matter your musical preference, you will enjoy taking in a concert.

If you are living in Boston Symphony apartments near Northeastern University or other nearby areas and you are interested in joining, you are welcome to audition! According to the Northeastern University website, the first rehearsal takes place at the start of each semester and is open to every person who is interested in the symphony. Even though this is an extracurricular activity, you still have to pay an enrollment fee, as it helps fund the organization and contribute to its continued growth.

Audition for Northeastern University Symphony Orchestra

If you have musical talent and you want to participate in the Northeastern University Symphony Orchestra, you would need to audition first. Even if someone is returning to the orchestra, that person must still audition every year to ensure the following.

  • That an ensemble has the appropriate number of musicians per section
  • Potential rotations of student seats
  • The Orchestra can be aware of the changing talent pool
  • They provide everyone the same opportunity to enroll in the symphony

Director of The NUSO

The current director of the Northeastern University Orchestra is Evan Bennett. He has received extensive musical training and has experience working as a conductor as well as a composer, pianist, and oboist. He has also won national awards for composing and as a solo oboist as well. When he was only nineteen years old, he started playing professionally at the Utah Symphony Orchestra. He also worked as a Music Director and Conductor of the Middlebury College Orchestra. He has been to many different institutions, sharing his knowledge about music.

Matthews Arena

This is one of the oldest multi-purpose arenas in existence, the oldest multi-purpose athletic building, and the oldest arena still in use for hockey. If you want to reach the arena, you can take public transportation by using the E- train on the Green Line. Get off at the Symphony stop and make your way to St. Botolph Street. There is free parking for those commuting as well!

As Northeastern University’s main arena, anyone can see their highly ranked and award winning hockey team play against their rivals such as Boston University, Boston College, and Harvard University. Every year, a tournament called the Beanpot Tournament occurs between these schools.

Places Close to Boston Symphony Apartments near Northeastern University

Boston Symphony apartments near Northeastern University are close to several interesting places, historical or otherwise, including the National Braille Press, the Emerald Necklace Conservancy Visitor Center, and the Huntington Theater Company. Within this neighborhood, you can also find other universities like Berklee School of Music and the New England Conservatory. For those that enjoy culture and art, the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) is right around the corner.

National Braille Press

According to their website, you can get a tour of the Braille Press, where Braille production takes place. There are different steps in this production process, which is why people are encouraged to take a tour in order to better understand how Braille is printed. The steps include transcription, proofreading, embossing, pressing, tactile graphics, and finishing. The primary purpose of this press is to promote literacy among blind children with the help of Braille. It is fascinating to see how this process works. Tours are encouraged for all, not just nearby residents!

Emerald Necklace Conservancy Shattuck Visitor Center

This is a non-profit organization located at 125 The Fenway, on the Fenway side of the Northeastern/ Symphony Neighborhood. This organization was founded for the sole purpose of maintaining the parks of the Emerald Necklace that were designed by Frederick Law Olmsted. The public can explore these parks, and there are youth programs where young folks are educated about nature. There is a public path for visitors to enjoy exploring the scented blooms and taking pictures with the beautiful scenery.

Huntington Theatre Company

This is a leading professional theatre just a short distance away from Boston Symphony apartments near Northeastern University. Established in 1982, it has received many awards over the years. If you are into theatre or like to watch plays, then you will be delighted to know that the theatre has hosted about 200 plays over the years. Anyone can plan their visit and see the upcoming plays on their website. Their upcoming shows include “Spamilton: An American Parody and Indecent.”

New England Conservatory

Many residents of Boston Symphony apartments near Northeastern University have chosen to live in this area for their love of music. The New England Conservatory is the oldest independent school of music in the country, with notable alumni including John Medeski and Nat King Cole. For some, being in the same places that these notable musicians lived in and attending the same school is a prize. For others that may not possess such unique talents, the option to visit the conservatory and see where musicians of all ages are educated and trained remains. This conservatory is recognized internationally as a leader in music education.

According to their website, the students who study here represent about 40 countries. If you go to the conservatory to take a tour, the concentration of unique talent there will impress you. You will also be able to see the different clubs that play an important role in educating young musicians, including the jazz club and recording studios.

Museum Of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts is one of the most well renowned and extensive art museums in the world. It is a continuous source of inspiration for the global community as well as the many residents of Boston Symphony apartments near Northeastern University. Founded in 1870, its leaders opened the museum to the public six years later. Anyone was able to see the 5,600 works of art that were on display at that time. Today, that number has reached roughly 500,000.

For those interested in ancient and contemporary Egyptian art, you can find it all in one place at the MFA. According to the MFA website, there are about four levels of American art, ancient to contemporary. Additionally, many galleries display works of modern art. They also have rotating exhibitions that have previously featured artists like Van Goh, Toulouse-Lautrec, and Frida Kahlo!

In order to attract more people, the MFA offers free entry to students attending certain Boston Universities. They also have events called MFA “Late Nites” where residents of Boston Symphony apartments near Northeastern University and friends can come enjoy the museum from 8:00 PM to 2:00 AM.

Places to Eat Close to Boston Symphony apartments near Northeastern University

The Northeastern/Symphony area has many restaurants, grills, and pubs nearby – a few of which are staples for residents! Whether you want to grab a beer and play pool, eat pounds of wings in a variety of flavors, or just want to grab quick bite in the morning, there are multiple choices for you! You can dine out with friends, family, or have a bite on your own.

Conor Larkin’s Grill & Tap

This is an American bar with an excellent drink selection. The Cobb salad is a crowd favorite. Students from several universities that live in Boston Symphony apartments near Northeastern University usually hang out here, along with some of their professors. It is a great place to meet new people, enjoy good music, and grab a good drink at a fair price. They have delicious burgers- and if you don’t eat meat their fries are excellent. The relaxed, friendly atmosphere keeps people coming back to this area favorite.

Chicken Lou’s

Chicken Lou’s is a staple for those living in Boston Symphony apartments near Northeastern University, particularly for those and want to go out with their friends for some good American fast food. The food is affordable and some of their sandwiches have fun names! Students always say it is the best hangover food on campus (but don’t tell them we told you)!

Temptations Café

The name of this café is fitting, as what they have to offer looks delicious. Temptations Café offers a variety of coffees from which you can choose and the Panini is a crowd favorite. With many inexpensive dishes, this is a perfect spot for those on any budget!

Amelia’s Taqueria

This taqueria has generous portions and they have a lot of vegetarian options. The vegetable burrito dish is definitely one that you should try out because it is simply delicious. The vegetable ingredients that the restaurant uses are fresh and tasty. This is one of the places where students from Boston Symphony apartments near Northeastern University hang out. That makes it a great venue to meet new people as well as enjoy very good food. For added convenience, they also have the option to order online!

Wings Over

As the name suggests, the wings offered here are the specialty of this restaurant. The wings come with a variety of sauces like honey mustard, traditional BBQ, citrus chipotle BBQ, and sweet chili. Everyone should try the ribs, sandwiches and wraps, the delicious fresh salads. For those that don’t eat meat but want to indulge in fried foods, there are also amazing waffle fries.

Other Popular Restaurants Close to Boston Symphony apartments near Northeastern University

  • Gyroscope – located right on Huntington Avenue is a place caters to those looking for delicious and authentic Greek food.
  • Boston House of Pizza – a staple of this community. The pizzas are delicious and sizeable!
  • Argo Tea – located right by Northeastern’s Snell library, Argo tea has a huge selection of fresh and distinctive teas.
  • Pavement Coffeehouse – a hip coffeehouse located right on Gainsborough, they have a wide variety of bagels and signature drinks. Try their Spanish latte (hot or iced) for a sweet treat!
  • Symphony Sushi – great service at a great price, this is the go-to sushi spot for those living in the neighborhood!
  • Dos Diablos/Two Saints Tavern – located where community staple Our House East used to be, this taco bar doesn’t disappoint! Great food and strong drinks, anyone nearby should check it out.
  • Panera Bread – an American classic chain restaurant, Panera is great for those that enjoy pastries, quick meals, and many healthy options.
  • Pho And I – This Vietnamese restaurant is always busy, a true testament to the deliciousness of their food.

Public Transportation Close to Boston Symphony Apartments Near Northeastern University

Boston Symphony apartments near Northeastern University are accessible via several means of public transportation. Notably, the namesake Northeastern University T stop on the Green line E branch stops directly in front of the main campus building on Huntington Avenue. The Symphony T station also stops directly in from of Symphony hall in this neighborhood. The other side of Northeastern University’s campus is accessible via the Orange line. The Ruggles station is located on the Columbus side of Northeastern University’s campus, so those looking to come to the Northeastern Symphony area from the Forest Hills area or as far away as Malden can also do so with ease.

Studio Apartments

Example studio apartments near Northeastern University and their prices are as follows.

  • Huntington Ave. with 1 bath – $1,800
  • Huntington Ave. with 1 bath – $1,825
  • Columbus Ave. with 1 bath – $2,100
  • Westland Ave. with 1 bath – $2,200
  • Hemenway St. with 1 bath – $2,375
  • Gainsborough St. with 1 bath – $2,450

1-Bedroom Apartments

Example 1-bedroom apartments near Northeastern University and their prices are as follows.

  • Huntington Ave., 1 bed, 1 bath – $2,800
  • Symphony Rd., 1 bed, 1 bath – $2,000
  • Westland Ave., 1 bed, 1 bath – $1,750
  • Hemenway St., 1 bed, 1 bath – $2,250
  • Gainsborough St., 1 bed, 1 bath – $2,900
  • Huntington Ave., 1 bed, 1 bath – $3,450
  • Hemenway St., 1 bed, 1 bath – $1,995

2-Bedroom Apartments

Example 2-bedroom apartments near Northeastern University and their prices are as follows.

  • Hemenway St., 2 beds, 1 bath – $4,050
  • Huntington Ave., 2 beds, 1 bath – $2,900
  • Hemenway St., 2 beds, 1 bath – $2,800
  • Burbank St., 2 beds, 1 bath – $2,950
  • Symphony Rd., 2 beds, 1 bath – $3,100
  • Westland Ave., 2 beds, 1 bath – $3,250
  • Columbus Ave., 2 beds, 1 bath – $3,250
  • Gainsborough St., 2 beds, 1 bath – $3,400
  • Huntington Ave., 2 beds, 1 bath – $2,800
  • Gainsborough St., 2 beds, 1 bath – $4,300
  • Saint Stephen St., 2 beds, 1 bath – $2,800
  • Saint Stephen St., 2 beds, 1 bath – $2,939
  • Huntington Ave., 2 beds, 2 baths – $3,450

3-Bedroom Apartments

Example 3-bedroom apartments near Northeastern University and their prices are as follows

  • Saint Stephen St., 3 beds, 1 bath – $3,750
  • Columbus Ave., 3 beds, 1 bath – $3,850
  • Symphony Rd., 3 beds, 1 bath – $3,900
  • Westland Ave., 3 beds, 1 bath – $4,200
  • Huntington Ave., 3 beds, 1 bath – $4,400
  • Hemenway St., 3 beds, 2 baths – $4,650
  • Gainsborough St., 3 beds, 2 bath – $4,950
  • Huntington Ave., 3 beds, 2 baths – $5,200

4-Bedroom Apartments

Example 4-bedroom apartments near Northeastern University and their prices are as follows.

  • Huntington Ave., 4 beds, 1 bath – $3,400
  • Saint Stephen St., 4 beds, 1.5 baths – $4,700
  • Westland Ave., 4 beds, 1 bath – $4,800
  • Huntington Ave., 4 beds, 1 bath – $5,200
  • Hemenway St., 4 beds, 1 bath – $5,400
  • Burbank St., 4 beds, 1 bath – $5,500

5-Bedroom Apartments

Example 5-bedroom apartments near Northeastern University and their prices are as follows.

  • Symphony Rd., 5 beds, 2 baths – $6,400
  • Gainsborough St., 5 beds, 2 baths – $6,500

Apartments for Rent in Nearby Neighborhoods and Towns