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About Somerville, MA

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Somerville MA Apartments

Somerville is a city northwest of Boston, Massachusetts. It is a coastal city with a population of about 81,300 people. It has 18 constituent neighborhoods making it the 13th largest community in the state of Massachusetts.

It is one of the more historic cities in the country because many of the Somerville MA apartments in the city were built before World War II.

According to, home prices in the city are among the highest in the state and the entire country.

Somerville Housing Market Information

Information from NeighborhoodScout shows that there are about 32,230 housing units in the city. The housing units include homes and apartments. The median house value is $765,970 making Somerville house prices among the most expensive in Massachusetts and America.

Types of Somerville MA Apartments

The common types of apartments are:

  • Duplexes
  • Homes converted to apartments.
  • Large apartment complexes
  • Single-family detached homes
  • Row houses and
  • Attached homes

These types of housing combinations reflect a city that is compact and easy to traverse. The city is dominated by one, two, or three bedrooms apartments that are renter-occupied. More than 60% of Somerville MA apartments are rentals. The houses were built in the early 1900s and so Somerville has some of the oldest apartments in America.

Home Appreciation Rates

The city has one of the highest home appreciation rates in the country. The city is in the top 10% for real estate appreciation nationally. This makes it a good place for investors as they are guaranteed good long term returns.

The appreciation rates keep looking good and there is no sign of decline despite the conditions of the housing market. The homes in this city appreciate in value faster than those in other communities. Data shows that the annual appreciation rate is higher than over half of other cities in Massachusetts.

Living In Somerville

Ethnic diversity exists in Somerville. The residents of Somerville MA apartments belong to a variety of racial and ethnic groups. A lot of people staying in the city were born outside of the US.

The residents of Somerville are employed in white-collar jobs. It is a city of professionals, office workers, managers and salespeople. A significant percentage of Somerville MA apartments work in teaching and management occupations.

More than half of the adults in Somerville have college degrees. This surpasses the national average of 1/5 of the population.

In 2010, the recorded per capita income in the city was $40,360, which is wealthy when compared to the rest of the US.

There are many computer scientists in the city, even more than most parts of the united states. There are also many other scientists in this city from life scientists to physical and social scientists. If you are a lover of science, you can find many scientific-minded people in Somerville.

The city also has many artists. It has more artists than almost all other communities in the country. According to Wikipedia, the former industrial buildings in the Brickbottom district house two popular art studios, the Brickbottom Artists Building and the Joy Street Studios.

Yearly events involving the community in homegrown arts are hosted by both the Somerville Arts Council and Somerville Open Studios. The Somerville Theatre is found at Davis Square and it houses the Museum of Bad Arts. It also hosts the Independent Film Festival of Boston every spring.

Although Somerville is not a big city it has a large and diverse population. From students enrolled in graduate and undergraduate programs at Tufts University and upwardly mobile young professionals to families and retirees, the city is home to many interesting people. According to, the median age for residents of Somerville is 31.3, which makes it a fairly young city.

It is also worth noting that former US Present Barack Obama lived in Somerville during his days at Harvard University.

Public Transit

Somerville’s traditional grid layout is ideal for public transit. The Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) transit service provides public transit to the city. The average commute time in Somerville is 32.5 minutes, which is fairly long.

On the bright side, the city is very easy to get around. It is pedestrian friendly as many of the neighborhood’s amenities are close together. Many residents use bicycles to travel within the city. In fact, it is the 5th highest city in America for its share of bicycling.

Those who would like to use local public transit have a lot of options. A large percentage of Somerville residents ride the bus. The number of passengers that board buses that pass through the city each day are about 40,000. This is one of the highest in the Boston area. There are 15 MBTA bus routes in the city.

The Red Line and the Orange Line serve Somerville. The Red Line stops at Porter Square and Davis Square in the northwestern part of the city. The Orange Line serves the eastern part with a stop at Assembly Row.

Just like most American neighborhoods, residents of Somerville MA apartments use private vehicles to get to work. But a significant number of residents use public transit especially the subway. The subway helps more people get to work with less air pollution.

Schools in Somerville

According to, the public schools in the city are above average. The following public schools are located near Somerville MA apartments.

  • Capuano Early Childhood Center (PK-K)
  • Arthur D Healey (PK -8)
  • Benjamin G Brown (K-5)
  • East Somerville Community School (K-8)
  • Albert F. Argenziano (PK-8)
  • John F Kennedy (K-8)
  • West Somerville Neighborhood School (PK-8)
  • Winter Hill Community Innovation School (PK-8)
  • Next Wave / Full Circle Schools (6-12)
  • Somerville High School (9-12)

Universities And Colleges

The following universities and colleges are located near Somerville MA apartments.

  • Lesley University (Less than 2 miles from downtown)
  • Bunker Hill Community College (about 2 miles from downtown)
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1.2 miles from downtown)
  • Cambridge College ( less than 2 miles from downtown)
  • Harvard University (Less than 2 miles from downtown)
  • Tufts University

Parks In Somerville

According to, there are about 80 parks and open spaces in the city. All city parks are open to the public from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM. The city does not allow smoking or consumption of alcoholic beverages at the parks. Some of the parks near Somerville MA apartments are:

1. Albion Park

This park occupies less than one acre of land and has a number of multi-use areas. It has a water spray area, play areas, an elevated lawn and many gathering spaces. The park is open to a variety of users. There are play areas for different age groups and it has quiet sitting areas with shade provided by a wooden pergola. There is a multi-use court and a community garden that allows for fitness activities and exercise as well as urban growing. The park won an award from the Boston Society of Landscape Architects in 2010.

2. Allen Street Community Garden

This park is located on Allen Street off Somerville Avenue. It opened to the public in 2007. The land was an illegal dumping ground some years back before the city acquired it. Residents of the neighborhood decided to turn it into a community garden. This garden gives residents space to relax and also plant flowers and vegetables. The amenities include garden plots, shade trees and sitting areas.

3. Grimmons Park

Grimmons Park opened in 2009. The amenities include swings, playgrounds, water spray areas, a tennis backboard, and a half court basketball court. The community is connected to this park thorough Puritan Road. Two playgrounds accommodate different age groups. The various activity spaces are for fitness and play for all. This park also received an award from Boston Society of Landscape Architects. It got the award in 2011.

4. Hodgkins-Curtin Park

This park, completed in 2010, sits on 1.5 acres of land. It is one of the largest public open spaces in the city. It has a baseball field with bleachers separate from the playground section of the park. The field has a set of bleachers as well as a few porta-potties. It accommodates public events from time to time as well as family outings.

The playground has different areas for little kids and bigger kids. The surface is rubberized to make it safer. The entire playground part of the park is fenced in, both from the street and from the baseball field. The sand area has a water feature that allows kids to build better sandcastles, as well as many shovels and buckets to play with. There are also plenty of donated toys on site to make a child’s time there even more fun.

The park is named after a former state senator and Mayor of the city, William H. Hodgkins, and Donald L. Curtin, who died 1969 serving his country in Vietnam.

5. Kenney Park

Kenny Park is located at Davis Square and was opened in 2014. The amenities include play structures for children between the ages of 5 and 10, play features for toddlers, swings, a basketball court, a fitness area and seating areas. The park has a number of multi-use areas. It has nighttime lighting and water features.

6. Perkins Park

This park, which is only one-tenth of an acre, is located on Perkins Street and was opened to the public in 2006. The amenities include a playground with swings and a basketball court. The park provides various recreational opportunities for the neighborhood. It brings much needed recreational facilities to an area with few parks and many children. This park has great graphic design elements that have been cited in international landscape architectural articles and publications.

7. Perry Park

Perry Park is located on Washington Street and was completed in 2007. The amenities include a playground, trees, lawn and walking path. You can also bring your dog here for a walk provided it’s on a leash. The park sits on the site of the former Perry School. For residents of this dense neighborhood, Perry Park is a place to escape from the noise of the popular Washington Street.

8. Symphony Park

Symphony Park, completed in late 2015, is located in East Somerville. The city acquired the property, a former historic site, after the home of Henry Hadley’s grandfather burned down following years of neglect. It became a much-needed open green space in the neighborhood. There are custom, musically inspired benches and elements around the park. It has a perennial garden and a lawn. Also, there is a space for performances and a small audience that doubles as a great places to relax. The park is irrigated by storm water that is captured in a cistern buried under the park.

9. Quincy Street Open Space

This 5,000 square foot park opened in 2012. It is a small green space among the houses on Quincy Street. The accessible boardwalks form a circle with a wooden deck on the side. The shaded deck has chairs made from recycled plastic bottles. This space has a drainage system that absorbs storm water on the site. The park provides a natural respite from the busy surrounding city for residents of Somerville MA apartments.

10. Chuckie Harris Park

This is located on Cross Street East and was completed in 2013. It has a lawn, water spray, tot lot, seven community gardens, play structures and seating areas shaded by about 70 trees. There are café tables in the seating areas.

Restaurants In Somerville

According to, Somerville has some of the best restaurants in the Boston area. Residents of Somerville MA apartments will definitely find good meals in any of these restaurants.

Sarma Restaurant

This restaurant serves Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Turkish cuisine. It has vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free options as well as creative food choices that you will love. There are many options for meat lovers as well. You can have fun here with a medium to large group of friends. They have richly flavored dishes that are delightful to taste. This place has a nice ambience and various sections of the restaurant have unique and interesting design elements.


Bergamot is located at 118 Beacon Street. This restaurant draws in many residents with its exciting wine list and American menu that includes roasted lamb, grilled swordfish and more. This is no burger joint; you will find tables covered in white linen at this restaurant.


Backbar has an eclectic charm that never fades. It has the atmosphere more like that of a lounge rather than a bar. It has a cocktail menu that is full of refreshing but unfamiliar ingredients. There is a small menu of charcuterie and cheeses, with some snacks from Field & Vine. It gives you the opportunity to have an inter-beverage snacking experience that complements your drink.

Dave’s Fresh Pasta

Dave’s Fresh Pasta is a specialty market and wine and cheese shop. You can find anything at this spot from fresh vegetables to tinned fish. However, the freshly made pasta is what draws in most people who frequent this restaurant. For over 30 years, Dave has delighted diners with his handmade pasta and ravioli. There is also a sandwich counter that serves overstuffed sandwiches that can’t be beat.

Additionally, they offer after-hours events such as classic and specialty cooking classes, and wind and food pairing. DFP also sells gift baskets and gift certificates, and does event catering.

Highland Kitchen

Highland Kitchen, located at 150 Highland Avenue, offers reasonably priced classic cocktails and innovative American comfort food. The place has some funky decor. With a steer head on the wall and a jukebox, you’ll have an amazing experience as you as you feast on a plate of coconut curried goat stew.

Parlor Sports

Parlor Sports is located on Bacon Street. This is your friendly neighborhood sports bar. You will find moderate-sized flat-screen TVs that always have the game on. The menu consists of bar foods with some interesting twists, including nachos and burgers, some buttermilk fried mozzarella, and of course their famous fries. The beer menu is well-curated with a new beer to try out every week. They also feature some interesting original cocktails.

Somerville MA Apartments

There are many excellent apartments in Somerville, including units in multi-family homes, complexes, buildings, and condominiums. Somerville apartments are in high demand due to their proximity and ease-of-access to Cambridge and Boston via road, highway, and public transportation. Below we will look at some of the rentals in the area.

Windsor at Maxwell’s Green

This residence offers the convenience of luxury housing in a friendly residential setting. It is located close to Cambridge and Boston and consists of beautiful, new apartment homes.

It is not far from Davis Square, Porter Square and the Red Line train stations. This makes it easy for residents to commute into the surrounding areas. Windsor at Maxwell’s Green focuses on eco-living and is one of the few smoke-free rental apartment buildings in Boston. It is a pet-friendly community built around an open courtyard.

There is garage parking, bike storage, a fitness center, electric car charging stations, a dog park and a yoga studio. Living in these apartments provides a unique lifestyle that combines urban living with eco-friendliness.

The prices of the apartments are given below. The lease length is 2 to12 months.

  • Studio: $2,170
  • 1 bedroom price range: $2,560 – $2,730
  • 2 bedroom price range: $3,405 – $3,750
  • 3 bedroom: $4,455

AVA Somerville

AVA Somerville is located just a few miles outside of Boston. It sits right at the heart of the city. It is very close to the Assembly Row T-Stop. The studios, one, and two bedroom apartments have an urban-inspired design that can be seen on the walls and social spaces in the community.

This Somerville MA apartment offers multiple courtyards, a fitness center, and relaxing spots with WiFi. The apartments have customized closets, in-unit washer/dryers, and high ceilings. The prices of the apartments are below. The lease length is 2 to12 Months.

  • Studio price range: $2,300 – $2,330
  • 1 bedroom price range: $2,385 – $2,715
  • 2 bedroom price range: $2,845 – $3,480

Avalon at Assembly Row

This residence offers 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments that have granite countertops, walk-in closets, nine-foot ceilings, stainless steel appliances, and outdoor balconies.

It is located close to popular bars, restaurants and stores. It is also near parks and recreational fields. There is a heated pool, fitness center, landscaped courtyards and barbecue areas. The common areas have free WiFi. It is just a short distance away from the Orange Line T station, giving residents quick access to the North End and downtown Boston.

The lease length at Avalon is 5 to12 Months. Rent prices for these apartments are as follows.

  • Studio price range: $2,345 – $2,600
  • 1 bedroom price range: $2,650 – $2,670
  • 2 bedroom price range: $4,079 – $4,760

123 Highland Avenue

This building was erected in the 1930s and is located in the Winter Hill area of the city. The building has modern features that residents find charming. These apartments feature hardwood floors throughout, big windows, and fully furnished kitchens with modern appliances. There are on-site laundry facilities and a bicycle room.

The neighborhood is just a few minutes from the Porter Square, Union Square, and Davis Square. It is also close to retail, restaurants, and public transportation. The lease Length is 12 to 15 months. A 1 bedroom apartment at 123 Highland Avenue rents for between $2,250 and $2,670 per momth.

136 Highland Avenue

136 Highland Avenue is located in the Winter Hill neighborhood. Because of all the modern features, you may never guess that it was constructed in the 1930’s. These apartments have hardwood floors, plenty of natural light, and kitchens with modern appliances. The building has a bicycle room, on-site laundry facilities, and additional storage for leaseholders.

The Winter Hill neighborhood is close to Assembly Square. Residents have easy access to shopping, restaurants, and the Orange Line T Station. The lease length is 12 to 15 months, with price ranges for apartment rentals listed below.

  • Studios price range: $1,800 – $2,000
  • 1 bedroom price range: $2,150 – $2,570

Apartments for Rent in Nearby Neighborhoods and Towns