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About Quincy, MA

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Quincy Apartments

Quincy is a city in Norfolk County. It is the largest city in the county and part of the Greater Boston Area. In 2018, the population of the city was 94,580. To the north of Quincy, across the Neponset River, is the Boston neighborhood of Dorchester. The towns of Braintree and Randolph border Quincy to the south, and Milton to the west. Hull and Weymouth are to the east, across the Weymouth Fore River and Hingham Bay respectively.

In 1625, the settlers of Quincy first established the town and its surrounding areas, Dorchester and Boston. After splitting from Braintree in 1792, the area soon became known as Quincy, named after Colonel John Quincy. Eventually, two U.S. presidents, John Adams and John Quincy Adams, would be born there. Other famous Quincy natives include John Hancock, the first person to sign the Declaration of Independence and a President of the Continental Congress, punk band Dropkick Murphys, and Priscilla Chan, philanthropist and spouse of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

The Neighborhoods of Quincy, MA

Many of Quincy’s neighborhoods have historical significance and characteristics. If you are going to live in Quincy apartments, take some time to familiarize yourself with its heritage.

  • Adams Shore was initially a summer resort and is now a residential area.
  • Germantown was a manufacturing community that encouraged German immigration and is now a residential neighborhood.
  • Marina Bay is a residential and commercial area where you will find high-rise condos and restaurants.
  • North Quincy is home to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts and State Street Corporation. It was also where the racetrack Jockey Club of Boston was stationed.
  • Quincy Point contains several mini-beaches, such as Street Beach and Avalon Beach, that are connected to the Town River.
  • South Quincy is the birthplace of John Adams and obtained its growth in the 1800s from the granite industry established there.
  • Squantum is a peninsula, giving it an island feel.
  • Houghs Neck is also a peninsular community that is named after Atherton Hough, who was once mayor of Boston, England.
  • Merrymount is a residential neighborhood and is the first place people settled in Quincy.

The Quincy, MA Education System

If you are living in a Quincy apartment and have school-aged children or you want to enroll in a continuing education or degree program, Quincy offers a number of learning options. There are public and private schools, Montessori schools, Catholic schools, and a small collection of colleges.

Eastern Nazarene College

Eastern Nazarene College has an excellent liberal arts program. The main campus of the college is located in the Wollaston Park neighborhood. The college not only offers students with administrative leadership, but also gives them spiritual and financial support.

Quincy Public Schools

The Quincy public school system includes Quincy’s early childhood center, elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools. The public elementary schools include Atherton Hough, Beechwood Knoll, Clifford Marshall, Merrymount, and Snug Harbor Community.

North Quincy High School

North Quincy High School is a public school located at 316 Hancock Street. The school’s robotics team, Team Hyper 69, has been successful in reaching the quarterfinals every year. They have also won awards, such as the Rookie All-Star and General Motors Industrial Design awards.

North Quincy High has an art club that allows students to explore their artistic abilities such as drawing, painting, and sculpting. Their drama club gives students the opportunity to experience how a crew works and how to use technology to produce and perform a show.

Woodward School for Girls

Woodward School is a private school for students who are in grades 6-12. It is located at 1102 Hancock Street near Quincy Center. This is the only private high school in Quincy. Woodward offers curriculum for students that includes foreign languages, such as Latin, French and Spanish. Other subjects include psychology, visual arts, and music theory.

Thomas Crane Public Library

Quincy has several public libraries. The Thomas Crane Public Library is the largest and is located near many Quincy apartments. Built in 1881 by Henry Hobson and H.H. Richardson, Thomas Crane Public Library’s architectural style is Richardsonian Romanesque. In addition to having free high-speed internet available for visitors to use, the information and satisfaction provided by their extensive book and periodical collections benefit everyone who goes there.

The library is a place where you won’t only find books, but also occasional concerts, lectures, and art exhibitions. The library is wheelchair accessible and has elevators that will take people to every floor as well as sit-down computer terminals.


Peacefield is the place to go if you are interested in the famous Adams Family who lived in Quincy. It belonged to John Adams, Abigail Smith Adams, John Quincy Adams, and Louisa Catherine Adams. This is a historic house built in 1731. The builder was Leonard Bassall, a sugar planter from Jamaica. At first, Abigail Adams looked after the house when Adams became the Vice President. Then, she expanded the house by adding a hallway and a large parlor.

Quincy Quarries Reservation

If you are interested in learning about the first railroad in the country, then visit the Quincy Quarries. For over a century, these quarries produced granite for the entire region. Gridley Bryant designed the Granite Railway for the quarry to more easily transport materials. It ceased operations in 1963, and the city filled the quarries with water once they reopened them.

Quincy, MA Apartments for Rent

If you are considering living in one of the many Quincy, MA apartments for rent, be sure to check their prices and availability. The prices and locations will give you the chance to assess your needs and see what fits your budget.

Studio Apartments

Quincy studio apartments and their prices are as follows.

  • Hancock St., – $1,225
  • Commander Shea Blvd., – $1,500
  • North Quincy – $1,616

1-Bedroom Apartments

Quincy 1-bedroom apartments and their prices are as follows.

  • Main St., 1 bed, 1 bath – $1,300
  • Taylor St., 1 beds, 1 bath – $1,000
  • Fall Blvd., 1 bed, 1 bath – $1,300
  • Presidents Ln., 1 bed, 1 bath – $1,495
  • North Quincy, 1 bed, 1 bath – $1,500
  • Suomi Rd., 1 bed, 1 bath – $1,375
  • Adams Store, 1 bed, 1 bath – $1,450
  • East Squantum, 1 bed, 1 bath – $1,400
  • Albertina St., 1 bed, 1 bath – $1,225
  • Water St., 1 bed, 1 bath – $1,550
  • Roberts St., 1 bed, 1 bath – $1,599
  • Tinson Rd., 1 bed, 1 bath – $1,495
  • Willard St., 1 bed, 1 bath – $1,450
  • Atlantic St., 1 bed, 1 bath – $1,550

2-Bedroom Apartments

Quincy 2-bedroom apartments and their prices are as follows.

  • Beale apartments, 2 beds, 1 bath – $2,450
  • Essex St., 2 beds, 1 bath – $1,600
  • Shea St., 2 beds, 1 bath – $1,600
  • West Squantum St., 2 beds, 1 bath – $1,750
  • Adams Store., 2 beds, 1 bath – $1,645
  • Cleverly Ct., 2 beds, 1 bath – $1,800
  • Independence Ave., 2 beds, 1 bath – $1,795
  • Dee Rd., 2 beds, 1 bath – $1,650
  • Trafford St., 2 beds, 1 bath – $1,600
  • S Walnut St., 2 beds, 2 baths – $1,850
  • Cove Way, 2 beds, 2 baths – $1,900
  • Marina Dr., 2 beds, 2 baths – $2,200
  • South St., 2 beds, 1 bath – $2,195
  • South Walnut St., 2 beds, 2 baths – $1,850
  • Briggs St., 2 beds, 1 bath – $1,800

3-Bedroom Apartments

Quincy 3-bedroom apartments and their prices are as follows.

  • Quincy Shore Dr., 3 beds, 3 baths – $2,400
  • Sea St., 3 beds, 1 bath – $1,800
  • Ruggles St., 3 beds, 1 bath – $1,950
  • Bayfield Rd., 3 beds, 2 baths – $2,500
  • Furnace Brook Pkwy., 3 beds, 1 bath – $2,100
  • Edwin St., 3 beds, 2 baths – $3,200
  • Cleverly Ct., 3 beds, 1 bath – $2,400
  • Belmont St., 3 beds, 2 baths – $2.200
  • Royal St., 3 beds, 1 bath – $2,300
  • High St., 3 beds, 2 baths – $2,700
  • Willard St., 3 beds, 2 baths – $2,500
  • East Squantum St., 3 beds, 3 baths – $1,900
  • Brunswick St., 3 beds, 4 baths – $4,500
  • Freeman St., 3 beds, 1 bath – $1,800

4-Bedroom Apartments

Quincy 4-bedroom apartments and their prices are as follows.

  • Granite St., 4 beds, 2 baths – $2,650
  • Payne St., 4 beds, 2 baths – $2,500
  • Billings Rd., 4 beds, 2 baths – $3,000
  • Hillsboro St., 4 beds, 2 baths – $2,800
  • Clive St., 4 beds, 1 bath – $2,450
  • Ash St., 4 beds, 1 bath – $2,300
  • Granite St., 4 beds, 2 baths – $3,200
  • Newbury St., 4 beds, 2 baths – $2,500
  • Edgemere Rd., 4 beds, 3 baths – $3,500
  • Hancock St., 4 beds, 1 bath – $2,000
  • Bridge St., 4 beds, 4 baths – $4,599
  • Marlboro St., 4 beds, 1 bath – $2,800
  • Newbury Ave., 4 beds, 2 baths – $2,300
  • Bridge St. , 4 beds, 4 baths – $4,971
  • Bayfield Rd., 4 beds, 2 baths – $4,000

Quincy, MA Attractions

When you live in Quincy, MA apartments and want to have some fun, there are many entertaining attractions close by, such as harbors, museums, and national parks, as well as cultural activities.

Passcode Escape Room

Passcode Escape Room is located at 67 Coddington St. This is one of the best escape rooms in the Greater Boston Area. Visitors usually arrive in a group and can choose from different escape room themes. This gives you a chance to challenge yourself and have fun at the same time. The props look very realistic and you will find that it is not a boring escape room game, but a fresh and exciting exprience.

Adams National Historical Park

Adams National Historical Park is located at 1250 Hancock St. The park has a farm that is located at the foot of Penn’s Hill. There is also a gentleman’s country estate. The park is designed to be interactive so that you can learn about statesmen and philosophers of the time period. The tour begins in the Visitor’s Center, where the guides show you a half hour movie about the impressive Adams family. The tour continues with the birthplaces of John Adams and John Quincy Adams. Then, a trolley transports you to the Old House for the final leg of the tour. Also inside the park is the Stone Library, a place rich with the country’s presidential history. It contains over 12,000 books ranging from literary classics to travel.

Marina Bay

Marina Bay is located at 333 Victory Rd. If you are living in Quincy, MA apartments and you want to connect with nature, then going to Marina Bay is a great place to start. Here you can sit and watch the boats, explore the coastline, or just enjoy the sea breeze. There are also restaurants at the bay where you can socialize and get a delicious meal. Watching the boats with good food and drink is a soothing experience.

Ghost Ship Harbor

Ghost Ship Harbor is located at 549 South St. Its name reflects the experience visitors will have while visiting the harbor. The attraction is located on the deck of the USS Salem, a decomissioned 718-foot heavy cruiser. Its characteristics and features provide a good old-fashioned Halloween-like experience. When entering, visitors encounter different characters, like zombie doctors, magicians, jokers, and witches. The clowns are extra scary.

Restaurants in Quincy MA

If you want to order in from your Quincy apartment, or you want to go out to eat, there are a variety of restaurants in the area you are sure to enjoy. Some offer convenient services such as online orders, whereas others require a reservation.

The Townshead

Townshead is an American restaurant, located at 1250 Hancock St. The menu contains delicious mussels, shrimp, homemade tomato soup, roasted beet salad, and grilled chicken. The restaurant has an interesting cocktail menu, which provides many different types of drinks. As for desserts, there are coffee and donuts, apple pandowdy, and gelato. The restaurant is the perfect place to go if you want to relax with some good cocktails and get a quick bite.

The Fat Cat

The Fat Cat is a new American restaurant, located at 24 Chestnut St. Its most popular dishes are lobster mac and cheese, signature pulled pork, ribs, buffalo chicken, their “fat” turkey sandwich, chicken mac and cheese, crab cakes, seared Cajun tuna steak, and blackened chicken pasta. You will love the portion sizes! If you are sitting in your Quincy apartment and want to order out, then give The Fat Cat a call.

Fuji at WoC

If you are craving Japanese food, then visit Fuji at WoC, which is located at 1420 Hancock St. The popular dishes at Fuji are maki, salmon wonton chips, toro fuji seaweed salad, sweet crispy chili wings, avocado salad, salt and pepper calamari, and scallops. If you want to take food to go, they have bento boxes available for takeout. This is a popular lunchtime choice for people who live or work in the city. The lobster rangoon and the wagyu beef are two other dishes that you will surely love for their unique flavor and high quality preparation.

Soup House

If you are craving good soup and you want it delivered to your Quincy, MA apartment, then Soup House, a Vietnamese restaurant, is the perfect place to call. When you visit the restaurant at 25 Copeland St, you can choose from an array of dishes, including house specialties prepared with marinated chicken and fresh vegetables. This restaurant is definitely a must-try for a new resident of the neighborhood.

Zef Cicchetii & Raw Bar

Zef Cicchetii & Raw Bar is an Italian bar and seafood restaurant located at 1472 Hancock St. Many diners order the chestnut ravioli, tiramisu, tagliatelli nero, pappardelle Bolognese, and lamb garganelli. Other dishes to try are the mussels and the grilled octopus. The ambiance of the restaurant is great, and the food portions are good as well. If you love seafood, then you will definitely be satisfied at Zef Cicchetii.

Craig’s Café

Craig’s Café is located at 1354 Hancock St. The popular dishes at this restaurant are Banana Fosters French Toast, Crab Cake Benedict, Irish Benedict, and California Benedict. The café has the best coffee options and the eggs, home fries, and toast are delicious. The staff is welcoming, and the interior of the café is comfortable. If you want to have a nice coffee with good company, then visit Craig’s.

Granite Street Café

Granite Street Café is an Irish café where you can have breakfast and brunch. When you don’t feel like cooking first thing in the morning in your Quincy, MA apartment, visit Granite Street Café at 378 Granite St. The food is wholesome, and there is a full bar. The restaurant’s atmosphere is casual and you can use the free Wi-Fi. It is also a good place to bring children because of the multiple kid-friendly menu items.

Sala by Fratelli’s

If you are craving desserts, then try Sala by Fratelli’s at 470 Southern Artery. They serve drinks at the bar and even host celebrations. There are several delicious desserts to try, such as a cookie monster or a chocolate avalanche, and the portions will definitely keep you full. Before ordering a dessert, try their other small items. For a unique experience, Sala by Fratelli’s serves distinctive strawberry shortcakes and some citrus drinks that will wake up your taste buds. If you are craving something new and creative, visit Sala by Fratelli’s!

Steel and Rye

Steel and Rye is an American traditional restaurant, located at 95 Eliot St. Their popular dishes are the Colorado lamb meatballs, double cut pork chop, charcuterie, and carne asada. When you want to eat something fancy, visit Steel and Rye. First, make a reservation so that you don’t have to wait to get a table. The must-try dishes are the burrata and the Caesar salad. You can also order a margarita pizza; you will not be disappointed.

Quincy, MA is a Great Place to Live

Quincy, MA apartments for rent give you access so much history. They provide you with the ability to easily access different local amenities and necessities like education, transportation, restaurants, and fun places to spend your time.

Reviewing the rental prices of Quincy, MA apartments for rent will give you a clearer picture of the best locations that balance convenience and budget. Even though renting in the Boston area can be more expensive than the national average, the opportunities here make it worthwhile. You can still find great deals here if you have a keen eye and move quickly. When it comes to education, the residents who live in Quincy apartments have many options as well as easy access to the schools in the area. There are also wonderful places where residents of Quincy apartments can enjoy the outdoors and local culture. In addition, there are amazing restaurants in Quincy, MA that can make your weekend memorable and fulfilling.


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