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About Malden, MA

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Malden, MA Apartments

Welcome to Malden, MA, a city that has been around for nearly 380 years and the next place you could call home. With housing prices skyrocketing in the area, it is a very good choice to scope out the rental opportunities. If you are not sure what makes living in Malden, MA apartments special, it is time to learn what your daily life could look like if you moved into one. Whether you choose to find a house with converted apartments close to the Malden side of Middlesex Fells Reservation, or something walking distance to the nearest Stop & Shop, there are plenty of options. Just a short commute into downtown Boston via the Orange Line T Station, you will find there is no need to have a Boston zip code to feel connected to the pulse of the big city.

The Who, Where, and What of Malden, MA

Cities with similar populations surround Malden, with Medford to the west, Everett to the south, and Revere to the east. Melrose, about half the size of Malden, is on the northern border. Malden also sits on the border of where the Mystic River becomes the Malden River in the south. Malden is only 5.1 square miles with nearly 60,000 residents and growing according to the 2010 census, making it relatively dense. There are several neighborhoods throughout the city generally centered on a park or a retail center. Read on to discover which area has Malden, MA apartments that fit your needs.


The Edgeworth neighborhood has some of the highest appreciating housing prices in the city of Malden. With median home prices in Malden being $457,812, you are likely to find larger single-family homes in this area and fewer apartments in general. You may still find duplex units available for rent if that is what you are looking for. Another reason that home prices might be increasing in Edgeworth is its proximity to the Malden Center T station. The area in general has several school options: Beebe School, Mystic Valley Regional Charter Schools, or Rockland Montessori Schools. Other resources in the area include Tufts Medical Community Care, dozens of restaurants along Highland Ave, and sports venues, like MacDonald Stadium and Devir Park.


This neighborhood has several small green spaces to which you can take a picnic, but you would especially find fun activities going on at Tartikoff Park. This park not only has green space, it is also home to the Malden Skate Park, where you can practice wheel-based tricks or maybe a little parkour. Whether or not you have a child attending the adjacent Malden Catholic High School, you might be spending summer and fall evenings at the baseball fields of South Broadway Park or Maplewood Park.


If you choose to live in Strata Luxury Apartments or Altitude Apartments, which both boast renovated units and fantastic amenities, you would call Linden your neighborhood. You would be right across the street from Linden-STEAM Academy if you have children of elementary school age. Linden is also home to Trafton Park, a small park dedicated in 1936. This public space has a dog park and a playground. Since you might have sacrificed extra space for gorgeous views in your Malden apartment, it is nice to have a park nearby to enjoy the outdoors. Convenience to Route 1 and luxury amenities in Linden will likely mean you will be paying around $2500 for a 2-bedroom apartment.

Malden Center

Malden Center is the place to be due to the location of Malden Square and the proximity of the T. From there, you can get into Somerville and Boston in 20 minutes or less. If you choose to rent a Malden, MA apartment in Gateway at Malden Center or Halstead Malden Square, you will have a wide variety of resources within blocks of your home. Both luxury apartment buildings have pools, so you can feel as relaxed as if you were on vacation – even if your office is just a short commute away.

You might also enjoy Malden Square’s lovely historic architecture. For instance, here you will find the Malden Public Library, built by H.H. Richardson in 1885 just a few short years after he became famous for the design of the Trinity Church in Boston’s Copley Square. Richardson also designed the Woburn Public Library in a similar fashion of Richardsonian Romanesque just a few miles north of Malden. In this neighborhood, you will also find:

  • Malden High School, founded in 1857
  • First Baptist Church, founded in 1803
  • New England Coffee, founded in 1916
  • and more!


In this neighborhood, you are more likely to find a duplex for rent rather than a large apartment building. However, if you choose this area, you will have some beautiful spots nearby to explore. The Waitts Mountain Park is located at the highest point in the city where you can sit atop large boulders and get a gorgeous view of the Boston skyline. The park went through revitalization, completed in 2014, to give this space back to residents. The tree-lined paths and the draw of seeing a colorful sunrise or sunset would make this the perfect recreation spot for you if you choose to live in Maplewood. If you are a history buff, check out the Forest Dale Cemetery for beautiful gravestones from the 19th century located in the Maplewood neighborhood.

Oak Grove

This neighborhood has many benefits from being on the west side of Main St. Not only would you have access to all of the shops along Main St, you will also find another accessible Orange Line T Station by the name of Oak Grove. Living in Oak Grove, you would also be extremely close to a huge nature reserve, Middlesex Fells Reservation, and the Fellsmere Park. Due to the access to nature, the area has more single-family homes and cul-de-sacs than other home options, but you may find some larger rental options if you search at the right time.

Founded by Puritans, but Built by the Rubber Industry

While the Puritans settled the area of Malden in 1640, it was a part of Charlestown until 1649. A settler who was originally born there named the city after Maldon, England. Even though the name came from England, Malden was one of the first colonies to advocate for separation from the British Empire. On May 27, 1776, the town of Malden sent a letter urging a Declaration of Independence to Ezra Sargeant, their representative.

After the American Revolution, Elisha Converse became the first mayor of Malden when it officially became a city in 1882. His name might sound familiar as it bears the name of the popular shoe company that still exists today. Converse founded the Boston Rubber Shoe Company in 1853, which was one of the largest rubber manufacturers in the country at the time. After the factory burned down in the 1870s, he expanded to the city of Melrose. Meanwhile, less than 40 years later another Converse started the Converse Rubber Shoe Company in the Edgeworth neighborhood of Malden. Marquis Mill Converse’s fame is overshadowed by salesman and semi-professional basketball player, Charles “Chuck” Taylor, who came up with the ideas that make Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars iconic, like the ankle star patch.

Throughout the 19th century, Elisha Converse also had a hand in the construction of many iconic buildings of Malden, some of which still stand today. For instance, the Malden Public Library is located in the Converse Memorial Building, built in memoriam of Frank Converse, who was murdered during a Malden Bank robbery. You can visit this building in Malden Square regularly for free resident resources. He also funded the Malden Auditorium building, the original Malden City Hall, Malden Hospital and Malden YMCA, all of which their respective owners have since demolished and rebuilt.

Historical Sites Near Malden, MA Apartments

Bell Rock Cemetery

Having gone by many names prior to this one, Bell Rock’s burial site has history dating back to Puritan times. Alice Brackenbury, who died in 1670, has the earliest dated gravestone in the cemetery, at well over 300 years old. The Bell Rock Cemetery is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Browne Masonic Building

In 2018, developers completed major renovations and restoration of the 19th century Browne-Masonic Building. It is now the Residences at Malden Station, an apartment building with 69 units comprised of studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments. The architects paid special attention to restoring historical features such as the beautiful arched windows, great room, and structural elements.

Converse Memorial Building

Otherwise known as the Malden Public Library, this building is truly a gem in Malden’s downtown. Accessible to any resident, you would be able to enjoy this Richardsonian Romanesque building as you run errands around the Square. You could also spend several hours exploring their art galleries or book selection.

Corey Road Mid-century Modern Homes

Established as Historic District in 2014, this hidden road could be a secret spot to take your guests to see unique mid-century architecture. As Google Street View can’t make it up the hill, this is an adventure that you’ll have to take in order to see some special gems of your community.

McFadden Manor

Now a privately owned nursing home, the land on which the manor rests has always been serving the community. At one time, it was a farm on which people could live and work to feed themselves. Later, it was a city-run nursing home. It continues to support similar values today.

Getting Around Malden, MA

Malden, MA apartments are readily accessible to many different transportation options in town. It is very likely you will be able to leave your car at home, rather than face traffic. The new apartment buildings located closest to Malden Center can charge higher rental rates due to the number of transit options you might have in that area. There are just about 200 parking spaces at Malden Center, which cost $7.50 per day on weekdays. Living in an apartment where you could access the T station without a vehicle can present significant cost savings.

Not only does Malden Center provide access to the MBTA Orange Line, it also serves over a dozen bus lines and the Commuter Rail between Boston and Haverhill or Reading. If you live across town in Linden, you might take the 108 bus to Malden Center before transferring to the T to get to Boston. Other bus lines connect Malden to neighboring towns like the 104 or 105 that connect to Sullivan Square in Charlestown. If you are interested in getting to Reading without the Commuter Rail, you could take the 136 or 137 bus lines. Medford is accessible via the 97, 99, 106 or 108 bus lines.

If you are a consistent car traveler and would prefer to Park & Ride from an Orange Line T Station, you might have more luck at the Oak Grove Station, which is located just one stop north of Malden Center in the Oak Grove neighborhood. At that station, there are over 700 parking spaces, though they are slightly more expensive at $9 per day for up to 14 hours.

Becoming A Malden Community Member

Community Sites Near Malden, MA Apartments

ARTLine & Northern Strand Community Trail

As Malden grows, the city has been making efforts to bring more art and green space to the public. With ARTLine, Malden is collaborating with several organizations to transform its 3-mile section of the Northern Strand Community Trail to something that residents and visitors can enjoyd. As of now, it is simply a paved Bike Path. If you choose to find a home in one of the various Malden, MA apartments in the area, you would be able to see the project go through its entire development. The plan has the ARTLine extending through several neighborhoods east to west across Malden, with murals by Malden-born artists, pocket parks, bike parking, and more work scheduled to beautify the Trail.<?p>

Bell Rock Memorial Park

This park is as old as the City of Malden, and residents have used it as a public green since its inception. A bell placed atop the rocky part of the park in 1658, used to gather people to the area, gave the park its name. In the early 20th century, the city commissioned Frederick Law Olmstead, Jr. to find a site for a Civil War Memorial. He chose Bell Rock Park. Olmstead designed the park with its topography in mind, placing the memorial at the top. If you choose to spend an afternoon in the park, you can imagine the generations of people who have spent time gathering in that very spot.

Boojum Rock of the Middlesex Fells Reservation

If you enter the Middlesex Fells Reservation from the Malden side, you are likely to explore the Boojum Rock site, which stands at 275 feet above sea level. With many trails to explore, you will find that a trip to this wooded park will lead to several more visits to see every part of the pristine nature reserve.

Community Garden

Located between Faulkner and Bryant Streets, the Community Garden could be an excellent place for a future resident to support the city. For only $25 per year, you could adopt a garden bed. In the spring and summer, you might meet fellow neighbors who also enjoy providing green space and fresh herbs to the community.

Coytemore Lea Park

Just outside Malden Square, this manicured green space has a small path and a gazebo to shield you in the shade when the sun is bright. It would be a great place to grab a breath of fresh air as you explore the area.

Fellsmere Pond & Park

This would be a great spot to take a picnic in the summer. You will be able to find paths leading up to the water’s edge where the sound of a fountain makes this park feel serene.

Malden YMCA

Founded in 1881, the Malden YMCA has three foundational values: Youth Development, Healthy Living, and Social Responsibility. Today, Malden residents can make use of the gym, language classes, childcare, and more.

Pine Banks Park

In 1905, Malden’s first mayor, Elisha Converse, donated this park for public use. Now, run by a non-profit, you can visit from the Oak Grove neighborhood and explore the entire park area, which extends from Malden to Melrose.

Ryder Art Gallery

Located in the Malden Public LIbrary, the Ryder Art Gallery has a beautiful fine arts collection that you are welcome to visit by appointment as a public resource.

Community Events

Chinese New Year Celebration

Chinese Culture Connection (CCC) has been in Malden for 20 years, hosting the Chinese New Year Celebration, Ping Pong Tournaments, Autumn Festivals, and more. For the Lunar New Year, they partner with Malden High School for performances in Jenkins Auditorium.

Filipino Festival

Hosted in June, this grassroots festival features performances, activities, and plenty of food to engage the Malden community in a new, but fun yearly event.

International Women’s Day

Since 2012, the American Association for Arab Women (AAAW) has been hosting this event in March Sponsored by the Malden Cultural Council, this event focuses on women’s contributions, issues, and innovation.

St. Rocco’s Feast

Saint Rocco’s Feast has been happening in the Edgeworth neighborhood for 3 days in August since 1929. Originally founded to help locals who had contracted the flu, the Saint Rocco’s Feast Society now raises money for scholarships at four local schools.

Food & Drink

While you will have a choice between three bubble tea establishments, Chaitime, Kung Fu Tea, and Monkey King Tea, you will have a much greater range in food styles across Malden. Read on to see which spots you will regularly visit from your Malden apartment for locally made dishes.

Cornucopia Foods

Cornucopia has been in Malden for over 20 years, serving sandwiches and causal dishes from its cafe. Locals know them for their SeniorFamily meal delivery program, something that you may be able to take advantage of if you choose to settle in Malden.

Crazy Good Kitchen

Featuring “Crazy Good Shakes” with unbelievable toppings and packed burgers, you will have a unique experience every time to venture into this restaurant off RT-60.

Dairy Delight

While this traditional ice cream spot is only open during the warmer months of the year, April to October, you will probably visit it regularly on your way up to the top of Waitts Mount in the summer. They have special events, like celebrating National Ice Cream Day, and hosting a regular caricature artist.

El Potro Mexican Bar & Grill

El Potro explains its cuisine as authentic Mexican and Central American food. However, you may be visiting this popular spot regularly for the lively atmosphere served by the live Mariachi band on Fridays and Sundays.

Habesha Ethiopian Restaurant

Locally owned in Malden Center, you might pop over here for a family-style dinner. Habesha is a well-kept local secret, showcasing amazing spices, large portions and strong coffee. If you choose to live in Malden, you will get to explore all of the local flavors.

Idle Hands Craft Ales

If you are a craft beer connoisseur or simply looking to find a locally owned pub to frequent, Idle Hands could be your new favorite spot. Not only do they have Belgian and German-style brews, they also host many events including regular trivia. Grab a group of friends from your new Malden, MA apartments and form a trivia team.

Infused Kreyol

Twin sisters looking to provide Carribean food to downtown Malden residents founded infused Kreyol. The space also hosts local artists, which you can check out during the Art Walk.

Sousaku Japanese Tapas & Bar

This Japanese restaurant could be your regular destination for Asian cuisine, or intimate date spot, where you will likely order several small plates and unique sake cocktails.


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