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About Dorchester, MA

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Dorchester MA Apartments for Rent

Dorchester is one of the most highly sought-after areas in Boston. With its array of elegant apartment complexes, Dorchester offers its residents a wide range of nearby amenities, such as shops, malls, recreational facilities, schools, and hospitals, as well as a number of historic sites.

A Brief History of Dorchester

Originally a puritan settlement in 1630, Dorchester’s first inhabitants had moved from Dorset, England, which subsequently served as the inspiration for the naming of Dorchester.

During the Revolution, Lemuel Robinson became the spokesman for Dorchester and soon after was promoted to a colonel in the Revolutionary war. His tavern, Lemuel Robinson Tavern, located near the present-day Fuller Street, catered to The Sons of Liberty on August 1769.

In 1776, the Battle of Dorchester Heights caused the British to evacuate Boston.

Over the years, Dorchester grew as a result of tremendous infrastructure development and careful integration and design of streetcars. Dorchester’s proximity to the railroad also rendered the city highly accessible to neighboring towns, which contributed to its rapid growth.

Market Analysis of Dorchester

If you’re currently in the market for a place to live in Boston, be prepared for increased prices, as many of Boston’s residents avidly look for affordable rentals in the Boston area.

Concerning rental prices, the average rent for 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and studios in Dorchester are $1,721, $2,006, and $1,714, respectively. places Dorchester as one of the more affordable residential areas in Boston due to the relatively low rental prices.

The average price per square foot of a condo in Dorchester was estimated at $455 in 2018. However, there is significant variation in these prices. Neighborhoods such as Meeting Place Hills are estimated at $117 per square foot, while the price per square foot of more expensive neighborhoods, such as Lower Mills, carry estimates around $617.

Apart from the cost element of Dorchester apartments, what makes this vibrant part of Boston so attractive? One of the reasons is that Dorchester residents continuously organize renovation projects to spruce up their neighborhoods. Some examples of these efforts include the installation of street-side gaslights and vegetation. As a result, this has attracted more people to look for Dorchester MA apartments for rent.

Dorchester’s ongoing neighborhood remodeling is evident in the consistent improvement in areas such as Savin Hill, Ashmont Hill, and Fields Corner. Additionally, the growing number of new, trendy restaurants and shops has only added to Dorchester’s existing, charming appeal that attracts residents and visitors, alike.

Transportation in Dorchester

There are a variety of ways in which you can get around Dorchester, and they are all in close proximity to the many Dorchester MA apartments for rent. You can access the T at the following stations: Savin Hill, Shawmut, Ashmont, Fairmont, and Fields Corner.

Dorchester also makes transit for car users very easy and efficient, with a variety of interconnected, accessible roads and the main highway, I-93.

The Dorchester School System

There are a number of high quality learning institutions near Dorchester MA apartments for rent. The following is a summary of each school in the neighborhood.

Roger Clap Innovation School Boston Collegiate Charter School

Roger Clap Collegiate Charter School hosts grades 5-12 and provides a holistic approach to education. They emphasize empowering their students with civic engagement skills, which students learn through school-wide community service initiatives and field trips.

Codman Academy Charter Public School

Located at 637 Washington Street, Codman Academy Charter Public School falls under the Codman Academy Charter and is known for its focus on self-discovery.

In addition, Codman Academy has a robust and challenging academic curriculum specifically designed to prepare students for college and higher learning. It also underscores the importance of community service. Each program offered by the school is tailored to help children become a holistically skilled individual.

Paul A. Dever Elementary School

Located at 325 Mt. Vernon Street, Paul A. Dever Elementary School, part of the Boston Public Schools network, is accessible to any of the Dorchester MA apartments for rent.

This elementary school accentuates nurturing and building the social, emotional, and physical needs of its students. While the curriculum’s main focus is academic, extracurricular programs are designed to provide an inclusive and empowering environment for their students to develop skills beyond the classroom.

The school is well-known for their communications and social sciences programs, and highlights the importance of active participation and self-expression. To learn more, please feel free to visit Paul A. Dever Elementary School’s website.

Edward Everett Elementary School

Located at 71 Pleasant Street, Edward Everett Elementary School falls under the purview of Boston Public Schools. This school is among the top public schools in the country. They host a strong communications and arts program in addition to their other high quality academic programs.

The school employs expertly trained educators who know how to best help children achieve their goals and dreams. The school’s mission is to enrich and empower students to reach their full potential and develop lifelong skills.

Thomas J. Kenny Elementary School

Thomas J. Kenny Elementary School is located at 19 Oakton Street. This learning institution is committed to instilling every student that enters through its doors with essential life skills through rigorous academic instruction and enriching social experiences.

Their academic programs are designed in such a way that every child is provided with individualized attention, which helps them keep up with their peers from other institutions. In regard to their extracurricular activities, they have a wide range of partnerships with other organizations that host students for community service projects.

The Mather Elementary School, Pre School

Located at 1 Parish Street, The Mather Elementary Preschool is a learning institution known for being the first elementary school in the United States. This bastion of academic excellence is committed to providing every student under their care with important life skills. Students achieve this through the school’s rigorous academic program and extracurricular activities.

John W. McCormack School

Located at 315 Mt. Vernon Street, John W. McCormack School is accessible to any of the Dorchester MA apartments for rent and is a part of the Boston Public Schools community. Their competitive art program, which heavily focuses on the musical arts, provides students with an enriching experience that will cultivate their creative minds to achieve their dreams.

Richard J. Murphy Elementary School

Located at 1 Worrell Street, this school is easily accessible to people living in any of the Dorchester MA apartments for rent. Richard J. Murphy is an academic powerhouse that has received numerous educational prizes. They have a top-quality list of after-school programs that not only provide instructive lessons but also equip them with important life skills.

Neighborhood House Charter School

Located at 21 Queen Street, Claymont Terrace, Neighborhood Charter School specializes in providing education for children in low-income households. The school also provides children with important life skills by employing the newest and most effective, learner-centered practices.

William E. Russell Elementary

This school is located at 750 Columbia Street and is under the purview of Boston Public Schools. They are known for their collaborative approach to learning, literacy advocacy, and academic support programs.

One of the school’s partners, Edvestors, provides an environment that helps teachers improve their skills so that children receive the best quality education possible. Not only do they emphasize development through academic achievement, they also encourage their students to develop themselves through extracurricular activities. In addition, this school provides various ways for parents to be engaged in their children’s education.

Smith Leadership Academy Charter School

Located at 23 Leonard Street, Smith Leadership Academy Charter School focuses on character building. They achieve this through an educational environment that encourages scholarly discourse, allowing students an opportunity to express themselves. In such an environment, children learn to develop high self-esteem and learn from one another.

Catholic schools

Below, you will find a list of Catholic schools in the area.

Cristo Rey Boston High School

The historic Cristo Rey High School is a private learning institution in Dorchester. Established in 1921, Cristo Rey has undergone several changes over the years. However, they have maintained their unwavering commitment to academic excellence and instilling vital values and virtues in their students.

The school’s wide range of extracurricular activities, which include soccer, basketball, baseball, and softball, are geared toward molding students in a holistic manner.

St. Brendan School

Located at 29 Rita Road, St. Brendan School is a Catholic school in the Cedar Grove neighborhood. Its core mission is to help every child fulfill their potential through a challenging academic environment—reflected in its rigorous admissions process—yet complemented with a wide range of extracurricular activities.

Colleges and Universities Near Dorchester MA Apartments for Rent

University of Massachusetts Boston

The University of Massachusetts Boston holds the distinction of being the second largest campus of the University of Massachusetts. The university has gained recognition for its large and diverse student body, with over 13,000 attending at any given time. It offers bachelors, associates, masters, and doctorate degrees in business, health, social sciences, recreation, security and protection services, psychology, and biology fields.

Public Libraries

The Boston Public Library has six branches in Dorchester. If you are longing for a quiet space to work or just want to borrow some books, these six branches are in close proximity to the many Dorchester MA apartments for rent. Below are the six main branches of the Boston Public Libraries in the area.

  • Adams Street Branch
  • Grove Hall Branch
  • Codman Square Branch
  • Fields Corner Branch
  • Uphams Corner Branch
  • Lower Mills Branch


Dorchester hosts two hospitals where you can go if you are feeling under the weather. These institutions are just a short distance from Dorchester MA apartments for rent. Below, you will find a detailed list of healthcare facilities that you can visit.

Carney Hospital

Carney Hospital, located at 2100 Dorchester Avenue, is a top-tier health institution that provides a variety of health services. Those services range from basic outpatient care to more complex fields such as oncology and cardiology.

Established in 1863, this hospital is a landmark institution with a long history behind its name. Carney Hospital doubles as a teaching hospital as well, collaborating with Tufts University’s medical program.

Codman Square Health Center

This outpatient health institution established in 1979 and located at 637 Washington Street, is in close proximity to the many Dorchester MA apartments for rent. It serves the majority of the people who live in Dorchester, MA, especially around the Codman Square area.

Other Health Institutions

Dorchester is home to the Urban Asthma Coalition, which aims to collaborate, educate, and sensitize people about asthma.

Dorchester also hosts the historic Geiger-Gibson Health Center, which holds the distinction of being the oldest community health center in the U.S.

Overall, Dorchester’s community heavily focuses on promoting wellness and healthy living. You can also be a part of this noble cause by simply joining one of the many active-health committees in the area.

Notable Places in Dorchester

If you decide to move into any of the Dorchester MA apartments for rent, below are the main places to visit in the area.

Franklin Park

Franklin Park is a 527-acre parkland located in the Roxbury neighborhood. It also extends to the Jamaica Plain and Dorchester neighborhoods. It is the biggest park in Boston and hosts the Franklin Park Zoo. The City of Boston’s Parks and Recreation Department manages and maintains the park.

The 72-acre Franklin Park Zoo located within the park opened to the public in 1912. The animals in the zoo include lions, giraffes, budgerigars, tigers, pygmy hippos, gorillas, leopards, and zebra. There is a tropical forest within the zoo. It is the nearly the largest zoo in New England, second only to the Southwick Zoo.

The park hosts the second oldest public course in America—the 18-hole William J. Devine Memorial Golf Course. There are also several basketball courts, tennis courts, and baseball fields within Franklin Park. The park is the site for Boston Rugby Football club matches. There are also areas used for soccer and cricket.

Several high schools and colleges meet at the park to use the cross-country courses, which range from 3000 meters to 10000 meters. Franklin Park once hosted the IAAF World Cross Country Championship in 1992.

There are spaces called playhouses in the park, which are open-air public performance spaces where musicians come to perform. Renowned musicians, like the Boston Pops, have performed in these spaces.

Dorchester Park

This highly accessible historic park, in close proximity to the many Dorchester MA apartments for rent, hosts an array of fields, tracks, and playgrounds. It also serves as a great getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. Built in 1891 by Olmsted, Olmsted & Eliot, Frederick Law Olmsted, who formulated the creation of the bulk of Boston’s Emerald Necklace parks, was Dorchester Park’s principal architect. His historic parks stretch across Dorchester neighborhoods, including Dorchester Avenue, Richmond, Adams and Richview Streets.

Pope John Paul II Park

Neighboring the Neponset River, Pope John Paul II Park now offers picnicking, trails, athletic fields, and more. Here, you can birdwatch, fish, picnic, and more. There are athletic fields for recreational sports, such as soccer, playgrounds, and hiking trails for all visitors.

Clapp Houses

The Clapp Houses are a collection of houses first constructed in 1633 but thoroughly renovated in 1767. Lemuel Clap’s son William added another Clapp House (William Clapp House) in 1806. Today, these houses, once listed on the National Register of Historic Places, are open to explore in their new location located at 199 and 195 Boston Street, Boston, Massachusetts. Not only are they set as museums for the public to visit, but they also house the Dorchester Historical Society.

William Clapp House

Serving as the headquarters for the Dorchester Historical Society, William Clapp House offers visitors a museum-like experience for those looking to learn more about Dorchester’s history. William Clapp, known for creating different types of peaches, built it as an addition to the Clapp Houses. Its address is 195 Boston Street.

The Peabody

Located at 195-197 Ashmont Street, the Peabody offers a range of historic buildings in Dorchester for tourists and residents to enjoy.

Eire Pub

If you are keen on experiencing a little bit of Dorchester’s history while sipping on a pint of your favorite brew, then visit the Eire Pub. It is accessible and close to many of the Dorchester MA apartments for rent. The pub attracts diverse crowds and the occasional celebrity.

Bayside Expo Center

If you are looking for new attractions in the Dorchester area, you should pay a visit to the Bayside Expo Center, which hosts new events every weekend.

Neponset River State Reservation

Neponset River Reservation is a scenic terrain, inhabited with a natural river, wide marshlands, notable freshwater wetlands, and lush trails. Nestled in the landscape are a variety of vegetation and species found on the endangered list. It also borders a couple of towns, namely, Milton and Dorchester, and is home to the Ventura Playground.

The Reservation’s history centers on Cutshamekin who owned the land before deeding it to the colonists.

Fitness in Dorchester

Many of the amenities in Dorchester focus on fitness and health. For instance, a few of Dorchester’s parks, such as Elmhurst Park and Franklin Park, offer the Summer Fitness Series where you can participate in exercise activities, including but not limited to yoga, strength training, and line dancing. Elmhurst Park holds a summertime bootcamp where you can connect with your health and inner athlete. Dorchester also hosts a number of local sports leagues, such as a neighborhood basketball league.

Most of the activities in the Boston parks are free and a great way to meet new people in the neighborhood.


If you are keen on getting an apartment in Dorchester, you will encounter a richly historic backdrop combined with everyday establishments such as transportation, hospitals, schools, libraries, and scenic landscapes. Not to mention, it is a bustling area with new, upcoming developments and an array of remarkable places that are simply picturesque.


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